June 23, 2024

Operation Resist Tyranny


June 2022

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As we approach the middle of the year, it must be announced that H.R. 3960, the bill which would have abolished the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms Enforcement (BATFE) expired.  Unless U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is reelected and resubmits the bill, it may be dead.  It is still with a great measure of pride that an idea I pioneered and suggested got considered as legislation.

Moving forward we have been working on a proposal to dramatically reduce mass shootings so that they would be rare events.  This proposal would not require any form of gun control – not in any way, shape, fashion, or form.  It would reduce the size, power, and scope of government and give a lot of oversight to private entities.  If you are serious, use the Contact Tab and we will get you in on the conversation.

America may be headed toward an inevitable civil conflict and maybe even war.  You need to be informed, prepared, and networking with others of like mind.  I’d like to introduce you to the Exhaustion of Remedies so, as always, use the Contact Tab and let us know if you want to be part of the conversation.

We are also trying to start developing podcasts (video and audio.)  We desperately need help getting this going. We need your expertise. You know the drill.  Use the Contact Tab to volunteer your skills and advice.  Pray for us.  Support the effort by getting involved.  Thank you and God Bless