May 18, 2024

Operation Resist Tyranny

Defund Tyranny





Within OPERATION RESIST TYRANNY are our Projects.  The objective of Project Defund Tyranny is to reduce the size, power, and scope of government.  We have too many agencies (specifically regulatory agencies) that make up their own laws that are then challenged in the courts where many of them are declared unconstitutional.   The cost to the taxpayers is in the billions and the impact on otherwise law abiding victims of bad regulations is devastating to those people.  Bad laws literally destroy innocent lives.

The idea to abolish the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms Enforcement (BATFE) was pioneered by the same person who began OPERATION RESIST TYRANNY.  We had an active piece of legislation, H.R. 3960; however that bill has expired and the  U.S. Representative that introduced it is running a hard race for reelection.  If it gets reintroduced, we will alert all those who are active in helping us.

Due to the recent focus and propaganda regarding mass shootings, we have a complete proposal to eliminate the majority of mass shootings without increasing the size, power, and / or scope of government.  It will also require NO gun control measures of any kind. It will actually reduce the size of the government while saving lives.  Use the Contact tab for further information.  

We are committed to fighting the income tax, National ID, and exposing how the federal government has tried to nullify the Bill of Rights.  

If you’re tired of how things are going in America; if you agree with our Charter; if you want to DO something besides read stuff on the Internet and watch videos, contact us.

You can help this effort by supporting THE CHARTER AND PROCLAMATION OF THE RIGHTS OF MAN and making sure your family and friends have a link to this website.