June 23, 2024

Operation Resist Tyranny


At various intervals in the course of history people have been obliged to articulate the bounds and limits by which legitimate governments can exercise control in a society. In the founding of our country our forefathers claimed their independence on the presupposition that a Creator (your God, whomever you deem that to be)  bestowed upon each individual  unalienable Rights. Unalienable Rights are those Rights that are above the reach of man. Those Rights are absolute, inherent, natural, irrevocable, pre-existing;  as unlimited as much as possible, and not subject to any popularity vote that democracy can afford. Each person enters this world free and independent. Every Right is subject to the moral absolutes that made the Right possible. Today we are called upon to articulate those Rights and to reaffirm our commitment to them. We are called upon to separate ourselves from any powers that use any means to deprive or deny those Rights. The foundation of those principles upon which we stand united and ready to defend are put forth for the world to see.

We believe that every freeman is born with a Right to Life. No freeman should be deprived of the Right to Life unless they are jeopardizing the Life, Liberty, and / or Property of their fellow man and, even then, that threat must be one that places another in imminent danger. Government, being an extension of the people, the people always retain the Right to bring violators to justice for crimes of treason, mutiny, sedition, murder, rape, incest, and other violent crimes putting the country into jeopardy or putting the individual into a state of imminent danger. The primary function of government is to protect the weak from the strong the freemen and insure that our Rights are never violated. In order to insure the Right to Life and to prevent tyranny in government, the People declare an unfettered Right to keep and bear Arms as an extension of the Right to Life. No legitimate man made law can will deprive or disparage the freeman’s Right to keep and bear Arms nor deny to him the Right to Stand Their Ground when a credible threat of danger is imminent.

One of the great hallmarks of our Republic was the Right to Own Property. For many years now the government acknowledged the Rights of people to hold Intellectual Property Rights while, at the same time, treating Private Property Rights as a mere privilege to doled out by an over-bearing government. We hold that the American People have a Right to own Private Property. With that Right, belonging to the People, government has no authority to dictate to any private owner the limits of the size, type, or style of house abode the People can build or have transplanted. It is the individual’s prerogative to buy, sell, rent, build, and otherwise control Private Property at will. Government must never be involved in the personal decisions of the individual’s Right to own Property unless a property owner endangers or jeopardizes the unalienable Rights of another. Property taken for the public good requires the government to compensate the owner at the full fair market value thereof. Furthermore, private property extends to the personal possessions of individuals. Everything the individual accumulates through their own labor or other legal means belongs to them with no duty owed the government save of the lawful taxes imposed by government through the consent of the governed. Additionally, when any person has personal possessions, the government will be required to compensate the owner thereof the full market value of such possessions if the government should outlaw, criminalize, or in any way challenge ownership to private possessions.

Every freeman has an unalienable Right to their person. What an individual chooses to eat and what substances they put into their body, is a private matter not to be dictated by government. Whether a person chooses to be vaccinated, inoculated, and /or treated or not is a personal choice as is how the individual chooses to care for their health. Reason may dictate that a person seek out educated, licensed and regulated health providers, but ultimately the decision lies solely with the individual. Individuals have the Right to choose alternative options to traditional standardized health care [nor will health care be regulated]. In a free society, there is no automatic right to health care. Freemen are entitled to the level of healthcare they can afford and those who were born with mental deficiencies and / or physical handicaps should be cared for by the public at large via taxes family, friend, or charity and have the Right to refuse help unless it can be shown that the mental condition makes that individual a threat to society at large. At the same time, the general public is not a revenue generating resource for those who, of their own free will and volition, willingly destroy their own health. Insurance is a privilege and an individual’s choice and the costs and types of coverage should be determined by the free market with as little government intervention as possible. Every freeman retains the Right not to be spied on and / or put under surveillance at every hour of the day. Every person has an inherent Right not to be monitored by the government or any private entity unless suspected of a crime or within the limits of his fellow man’s property.

Each of us has a Right to be secure in our persons, papers, and effects. This would include, but not be limited to: computerized and hard copy records collected by the government to the extent that such records are specifically relevant to the person or corporation requesting such records; medical and dental records; credit reports and other financial records, and military service. No person and no corporation or other entity should be able to access government information on their fellow man without a showing of why such information is needed
We hold that every person is born with the unalienable Rights of Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Expression, Right to Association, the Right of Disassociation, the Right to Freedom of Speech and Free Press. Any law that seeks to circumvent these Rights either directly or indirectly is unenforceable, reprehensible, indefensible, and unlawful by all standards. Cloaking censorship under such headings as hate speech and attempts to ban unpopular people, groups, or ideas from public view as in access to the Internet, television, radio, or other such media are violations of the aforementioned Rights.
The people retain the Right to a Presumption of Innocence – innocent until proven guilty in a court of law by one’s peers. Additionally, the Bill of Rights as originally intended, ratified and signed by our forefathers in 1789 is incorporated herein as unalienable Rights.

America was founded and a Constitution framed to secure the Blessings of Liberty to the framers and their Posterity. Since that time the government has failed in its duty to insure that we freemen were guaranteed a Republican Form of Government pursuant to the Constitution of the United States. The separation of powers intended that we have three co-equal branches of government, each with a particular and defined area of authority. Subsequently, the United States Supreme Court unilaterally declared itself to be the final arbiters of the law. Under our legal, de jure Constitution, it was intended that all power was inherent in the people. The United States Supreme Court did not end by interpreting the laws, but reinterpreting the law. Such a practice became known as legislating from the bench and it was not must the job role of the United States Supreme Court to legislate from the bench. Then the high Court took it upon themselves, through judicial actions, to confer powers on to the other two branches of government. Such a practice cannot be found and when any power not specified is found, it remained, constitutionally, under the control of the people and the states respectively. Congress failed in its duty to pass laws as necessary and the Executive branch has overtaken much of any of the duties of Congress. Presidents rule via Executive Orders and government regulatory agencies under the executive branch supplant the House of Representatives and the United States Senate.

The people mistakenly altered the Constitution of the United States, allowing for the direct election of United Senators, taking the Right of the states away, pushing us toward a democracy. Democracies are the worst form of government ever devised by man. The people allowed the government to illegally ratify the 14th and 16th Amendments. The 14th Amendment has been used as a tool to reduce unalienable Rights to mere privileges doled out by a government that believes in tyranny by the majority. The 14th Amendment has also been used to flood America with hordes of foreigners that have ideologies diametrically opposed to the foundational principles upon which the Republic rests. The illegally ratified 16th Amendment allowed the government to replace constitutional taxation with plank from the Communist Manifesto. Today the federal government wages a relentless war against our Bill of Rights; through propaganda and lies the federal government has sought to dispossess the Posterity of the framers not only of their land, but of their history, heritage, and culture as well. Through the illegally created Federal Reserve (which is not “federal” nor do they hold any reserves) the American people have been pushed into debt in the tens of trillions of dollars. The amount of this illegally created debt, owed to private bankers, now exceeds all of the assets of the United States. While breaking the country financially, the federal government has encouraged the federal and state entities to remove our statues, memorials, monuments, and plaques along with the removal of the flags of our forefathers. Our history is being erased and what few assets Posterity has, the forces trying to conquer our country are demanding reparations when none are due.

While the masses seek to dispossess the Posterity of the framers of the Constitution, the government has created artificial people it calls corporations and the government has bestowed privileges on those corporations that exceed even the de jure, lawful, unalienable Rights due the Posterity of the framers pursuant to the Constitution of the United States. In turn, an elite group of corporations envision a NEW WORLD ORDER by which those elite corporations can regulate and rule the world. They seek to demonetize our currency and replace it with a digitized currency; they want to subject us to an international jurisdiction whereby the concept of private property is abolished and unalienable Rights do not exist. They seek a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT, complete with a one world race, one world religion, and subjects living under democratic socialism. Under their new government the concept of innocent until proven guilty – presumption of innocence is nullified. People are no longer secure in their persons, papers, and effects. The concept of a traditional family (mother, father, and children) is unacceptable in the NEW WORLD ORDER. The Rights we have demanded in this Charter of the Rights of Man are non-existent in the NEW WORLD ORDER. A multitude of offices have been created to harass and intimidate the citizenry and serve no legally contemplated purpose. Americans have been put under surveillance from the womb to the tomb and constitutional Rights reduced in the Constitution Free Zone. The Right to a trial by a jury of one’s peers is under attack as is the Right to face your accusers when said accusers may be video recording devices that cannot be cross examined. The Right to Privacy has been completely negated. Citizens are routinely held incommunicado. Full Faith and Credit is not respected; due process is denied; the common law ignored. All three branches have facilitated ex post facto laws which are not allowed under our Constitution. Private property is being taken without just compensation rendered. Eminent domain statutes have been abused.

Our forefathers declared that when a government becomes destructive to the ends of their just powers, it is the Right of the people to alter or abolish that government and institute a new one. In this case the government altered our form of government, illegally changing its form and intent without a voice by we, the people, in the form of legally ratified constitutional amendments. The federal government has tried to remove our Preamble status as Citizens with unalienable Rights and make us subjects of a tyrannical government owned and controlled by a few elite corporations. The government has, for all intents and purposes declared the moral equivalent of war against the Posterity of the framers of the Constitution of the United States. Today, as a result of the incessant attacks against the social contract known as the Constitution of the United States, we no longer have a representative Republic that acknowledges our Rights nor seeks to protect us from tyranny by the majority. The Constitution has been wholly nullified and cannot be resurrected as a result of the many assaults waged against it.

Our forefathers founded this country on the presupposition of Rights that are above the reach of man. As freemen, we are entitled to preserve, advance, and protect those Rights. Those in support of this Charter of the Rights of Man will no longer submit to a yoke of slavery. We will not give up any Right; we will not forfeit our property. As freemen whose Rights have been assaulted and the contract broken, we are entitled to separate from the jurisdiction of the NEW WORLD ORDER. We are entitled to draw up the requisite papers by which we agree to be governed. We are not subject to any law that puts any unalienable Right into jeopardy. We retain the Right to self defense and to call forth the militia to enforce our unalienable Rights.

This is the Charter by which we agree to stand, shoulder to shoulder, and defend. We stand united by Divine Providence as our forefathers and theirs before them. As our forefathers pledged, we pledge to one another our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor to each other so that no person, no government, and no other entity may declare a power over us greater than the Rights bestowed upon us by our Creator at the time of our birth. We humbly admonish the powers and the de facto government operating on our soil to honor this Charter of the Rights of Man and provide for our separation from any governing powers that cannot or will not acknowledge our Rights that are above the jurisdiction of mortal men. By our signatures we are bound to defend one another and never surrender our Right to keep and bear Arms as a sign that the people retain the Right to prevent tyranny in government.